Seeing the Light

Acrylic Painting titled Seeing the Light

I was traveling near our home and this beautiful sunset greeted me. I have been working through what my role is here as I am in the autumn years of my life, and giving back to the community is what I need to do. The biggest challenge for our young people in inner cities, and in other areas, is getting a good education. Jalen Rose (former NBA player) recently said, “A good education should not be determined by your zip code.” I couldn’t agree more!

So, as I continue to paint, I will use most of the proceeds to begin a foundation for setting up scholarships for the elementary level, as that is the level for successful beginnings in a child’s life.

“Seeing the Light” is a large acrylic painting (30” x 40”) on gallery wrapped canvas with the image painted on all sides, there is no need for a frame. The painting has three coats of permanent varnish, one coat gloss and two coats of matte, which helps protect against UV damage. The finish is non-yellowing and water resistant when dry. I have found that although the matte varnish reduces some color intensity, it cuts down all the glare from windows or light fixtures making the piece more view able.

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