Sunset Ribbons

Acrylic Painting titled Sunset Ribbons

The sky provides unlimited possibilities of artistic subject matter. At the end of the day, the light is fleeting and will change from yellows, oranges to reds. This sunset, from a visit in Illinois, vanished so quickly that I had to take several photos to capture it before the sun set.

It seemed to me that the clouds looked like golden ribbons flowing in the wind above the horizon. I used metallic antique copper paint in the foreground for the field.

This is gallery wrapped acrylic painting on canvas and the image continues on all the sides…There is no need for a frame. “Sunset Ribbons” has three coats of permanent varnish, one coat is gloss and two coats are matte, which provides UV protection for the painting. Matte varnish also prevents strong glare on the painting from windows or artificial light within a room.

This painting is currently available for sale at Kada Gallery, Erie, PA. Their phone number is 814.835.5232. The size of this acrylic painting is 8 x 8.

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